Did The DEA Just Make CBD Oil Illegal or Reschedule it?

Posted on 20 Dec 13:25

  The short answer is no.  The new Regulation that was just issued according to the DEA, was to more effectively track those who are doing research.  Specifically excluded was resin separated from the plant, regardless of purification.  There are some organizations that have huge conflicts of interest that may say otherwise, but we defer to authoritive sources such as the DEA and Forbes magazine.  Organizations that use information to frighten patients should be ignored.  At very least their conflicts of interest should be taken into account.


"Last Wednesday, the DEA slipped an update in the Federal Register that established a new drug code for marijuana extracts. The move panicked the industry, which is already nervous with the new administration coming in. Millions are at stake for several publicly traded companies that have invested years in marketing products based on the extract called cannabidiol, or CBD.

The DEA seemed to believe it was much ado about nothing and was merely a move meant to better track research into extracts separately from marijuana and better comply with international treaties. Russ Baer, a spokesman for the DEA said, “The FRN published earlier this week did not have anything to do with re-scheduling CBD or anything at all to do with hemp.”