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10 Gram Tube of 26% CBD Hemp Oil Treatment

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This amazing organically grown hemp plant produces the finest oil of any hemp strain.  It also has an amazing terpene profile.  It is an army of compounds designed to make you feel better.  This strain is superior to any other product offered because of its extremely high ratio of other cannabinoids to THC.   We are literally breeding the THC out of the strain.  We just didn't grab someone else's strain and rename it, like some have.  We knew what needed to be done to the plant in order to increase its supplemental effectiveness, but we have not stopped there, we are developing several other strains to customize their supplemental effect. 

    An incredible amount of research is being conducted for the cannabinoids contained in hemp oil supplements.   A discussion of this research occurred in Sanja's Gupta's and CNN's documentary "weeds".  

Sanja Gupta Disputes Government Claims Concerning Hemp


This Apology was followed by two specials.

Sanja Gupta Explains and Documents the Therapeutic Benefits of Hemp as a Supplement.

Sanja Gupta Further Explains and Documents the Therapeutic Benefits of Hemp as a Supplement.

    Hemp is very different than marijuana.   According to the federal definition Hemp Contains less than .3 percent THC.  Our product has been analyzed by the postal service and found to conform to federal standards.  In fact no THC was detected.  We have developed a process that eliminates THC while preserving all the other essential compounds.  While Hemp is a supplement, we feel it is the most important supplement known to man. The best and brightest of mankind has agreed with our conclusion for over 7000 years.

  There are hundreds of articles on CBD on the National Library of Medicine.  Simply enter on Google NLM CBD then whatever condition you are researching.  Please also be aware there are hundreds of compounds in Hemp that are being researched.  Information on these compounds can also be found on Google. Ex. NLM cannabinoids.



  • Thank you

Posted by jill on 23rd May 2016

Thank you for your 51% cbd which I find very effective for anxiety and chronic pain issues. It really helps a person keep their sanity to find something that actually works -for me. Also you have excelllent cust. service and empathy skills

  • The best from the best

Posted by Unknown on 29th Apr 2015

I an glad you developed the high percentage CBD oil. Your services are excellent, and your products are carefully produced with pride, it give me complete confidence in using your oil.
Thank you.


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