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30 Pieces Premium CBD Butter Scotch 1000mg CBD Full Spectrum

All of our Capsules are encapsulated in the New Enteric Capsules(Patent Pending)

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30 Pieces Premium CBD Butter Scotch 1000mg CBD Full Spectrum Amazing Flavor Max Potency . This product used a recipe that has been in the family since the 1930's as its base. You can still taste the CBD oil but it is beautifully flavored. We added as much CBD oil as we possibly could, then added more. You will know that you are consuming a quality product when you try this. This product allows you to use standard portions. Plus the research described below that insures max absorption.

Our Primary Researcher had studied the science concerning the various methods of ingestion and the impacts, advantages and disadvantages of each method. he became obsessed with sublingual delivery. He spoke to us about the many advantages. The key advantages he focused on was the quickness of absorption and the fact that sublingual delivery bypasses the liver and enters the circulatory system pretty much unscathed. Whereas oral administration must pass through a large of processes, many of which are terrible for the many compounds that are in the CBD Oil. Plus the system that controls the absorption and has a time released component that insures a constant delivery over a period of several hours. There was no stopping him. So he and his pocket protector went to work and gave us this amazing product. It is amazingly effective.

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