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4 Ounces High CBD Healing Salve for Wounds, Blemishes and Cancers

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4 Ounces Hemp Healing Salve.  

  Our salve is compounded using the finest carrier oils.  It is then combined with our hemp oil extract as well as herbs such as cloves.   It has been our experience that these herbs  have been found to ease pain and speed the healing process.  Our hemp oil is extracted in the same manner as Rick Simpson.



  • Great Healing

Posted by Alice S on 27th Apr 2015

I have been using this product for about 6 months( healing my breast after cancer). It is great and also use it on my face for wrinkles, blemishes and all my scars.

  • Relief in Sight!

Posted by slondwneddie on 12th Oct 2014

I recently ( 4 days ) ago began using your High Healing CBD Salve For Wounds, Blemishes, and Cancers. Within minutes of applying some to a 1997 bone graft .... right rear hip (Laminectomy L5+L4 Lumbar ) I began feeling a warm sensation, and a little relief... without smelling like ( Ben Gay )! I also had a 1/4in circular open bleeding wound + after cleaning, applying, + then removing my Band-Aid yesterday ....well I've never experienced a rapid healing process ever! I look forward to using more of your products, and I will " Pass It On " with BIG TIME hopes for a brighter future for all! Thanks PureCBD.Net

  • Just started using it and it does seem to help what I tried it on.

Posted by Unknown on 7th Jul 2014

Well I did not have anything really wrong with my skin except a tick bite that I had gotten 2 days before delivery. Well I had to try it instead of the lavender oil I had been using to no avail. But after one day the spot stopped itching which is wonderful as usually they last for about 1 to 2 weeks. Then the little raised area went down by one half the size. So yes it does seem to have good healing properties. Plus it smells good enough to eat... I look forward to trying it on other things as they happen and in these ole bodies; it will happen. Thank you..

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