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High CBD Healing Oil For Massage Strongest Formula Available

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4  Ounces Ancient Recipe High CBD Healing Oil for Massage and Wounds.    We have incorporated not only the finest CBD Oil in existence but also  essential oils renowned for their healing properties.  A little bit  goes a  long way.  Within minutes of applying you will feel the warming, healing effects of this medicine.  It quickly stops the pain and goes  to  work healing the cause of the pain.  This CBD oil is different as you get the  full  spectrum of benefit from  the  plant.  Not only that we preserve  the  terpenes.  This secret  process is  only known and used by our  company  because we invented it.  These  compounds are what give hemp and it's extracts their smell.  Not only that  most of  them have been  identified as  having their own healing  properties.  Many  of those  compounds enhance  and work in concert  with the  CBD.  I am   confident in saying  the power of the plant is the  synergy of  compounds.   That is why in  studies on those who use only  moderate  amounts of  hemp there is a  prophylactic property that has  been  observed in the  population of  users.  We have researched the   compounds extensively  and have honed  our formula in to provide the   maximum benefit.  I  included a research  article from the National   Library of Medicine at the  bottom of this ad  that talks about the   synergy.    We are serious about  this plant and  its extracts.  We have   been leading advocates for the  plant and  especially extracts.  We  have  been involved in the fight to  make this  CBD oil accessible for  years.

   Our extract is  made from a Hemp strain  that is renowned for it's medical properties.    Our test repeatedly show  that this plant contains  12-18% CBD.   Our latest test results  indicated that there are 119mg per capsule of CBD.  50mg is the low end  and is what we guarantee.   The comparison should not end there.  All of  our  competitors use hemp paste imported  from China.  According to  their own  scientist it arrives in this country contaminated with  solvents of an  unknown nature and active bacteria.  This is a dangerous  scenario for  the sick.  Ours is  organic and only food grade solvents are used.  This  means our product  is safe.   We have  literally treated  thousands of patients with our capsules and other  products.  Our success  rate is near perfect.  We stand behind our  products with a money back  guarantee.  This opportunity for regular  people to participate and  prosper should not be given to corporations  who will export the jobs to  the Chinese and import poison to be sold to  the public under false  pretenses. 



  • This CBD oil is extracted using Pure Food Grade Products. All ingredients are natural and organic. We extract using scientifically proven methods so that you receive the full spectrum of benefits derived from this plant. We have taught this process hundreds of times and it is the industry standard.
  • This CBD  oil was produced from pure  organic Hemp. The strain used to produce this medicine is a medical  hemp  strain that has been bred to contain little or no THC and we use the whole hemp plant  to  make this CBD  medicine. The plant naturally falls  into federal    guidelines, when it comes to THC Content, but as a  further precaution we  insure that every batch conforms to exiting  law.  There are a lot of  new faces in the industry hoping to cash  in.  Some are offering  products   that contain no CBD like they claim.   We have proven  ourselves in the   industry by defending the cure.    This is not a  byproduct but from the   time the seeds were planted,  the intent was to  help the sick. Many   products being offered on the  internet are just  too weak to be   effective. From the first CBD  capsule you will know the  difference.


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