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One Gram Premium Connoisseur CBD Oil 47.8 Percent CBD Full Spectrum Amazing Flavor and Potency

All of our Capsules are encapsulated in the New Enteric Capsules(Patent Pending)

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Premium Connoisseur CBD Oil 47.8 Percent CBD Full Spectrum Amazing Flavor and Potency.

This is a very different oil than anything currently being offered anywhere on the internet. The photo above was taken by the lab.  This oil has the most amazing distribution of cannabinoids adding a whole new meaning to the word full spectrum.   This oil is not loaded with fats that make it impossible to blend with popular ingredients such as VG (vegetable glycerin)/PG (propylene glycol). Most oils quickly separate making the preparation unusable. Our oil blends with all popular carrier oils. Our oil is 100% Pure extract from the plant. The fact is you won't find oil like this anywhere because it was prepared by a master oil maker. A true artisan. It doesn't start or end with taste and solubility. The true test is potency. Each batch is individually lab tested at a leading FDA Compliant Lab. The results are printed on the label and we guarantee that the product will match those results. THC has been removed prior to shipment. All terpenes and other cannabinoids are meticulously preserved.

It's all about the extract method that is being used. Many processes use dangerous chemicals to produce isolates. Isolates exclude all of the other beneficial compounds found in the plant. Other process concentrate contaminates. Others make claims like extra virgin or cold press. neither process would produce CBD oil in any usable concentration. Our process uses all food grade ingredients to produce a wholesome and safe product in the highest concentrations found.

There is a very limited amount of this oil so it is sold on a first come, first serve basis, by the gram. You will be amazed at how far a gram will go. This is not an isolate that has been subjected to harsh chemical processes or other processes which concentrate contaminates and pesticides. Everything in this product is food grade.

The concentrations of cannabinoids are naturally occurring in this incredible medicinal strain. There is no other strain like it. Its overall profile is exceptional and very rare.

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    An incredible amount of research is being conducted for the cannabinoids contained in hemp oil supplements.   A discussion of this research occurred in Sanja's Gupta's and CNN's documentary "weeds".  

Sanja Gupta Disputes Government Claims Concerning Hemp


This Apology was followed by two specials.

Sanja Gupta Explains and Documents the Theraputic Benefits of Hemp as a Supplement.

Sanja Gupta Further Explains and Documents the Theraputic Benefits of Hemp as a Supplement.


  Hemp is very different than marijuana.   According to the federal definition Hemp Contains less than .3 percent THC.  Our product has been analyzed by the postal service and found to conform to federal standards.  In fact no THC was detected.  We have developed a process that eliminates THC while preserving all the other essential compounds.  While Hemp is a supplement, we feel it is the most important supplement known to man and the best and brightest of mankind has agreed with our conclusion for over 7000 years.

  There are hundreds of articles on CBD on the National Library of Medicine.  Simply enter on Google NLM CBD then whatever condition you are researching.  Please also be aware there are hundreds of compounds in Hemp that are being researched.  Information on these compounds can also be found on Google. Ex. NLM cannabinoids.



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