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  Making the decision to use CBD oil  is an important step. The decision as to which CBD oil you will use is just as important. Long before the current deluge of CBD websites, we were working with practitioners and people to help them achieve their health goals.  We have collaborated with renowned practitioners such as Dr. Henry Han.  Our chief researcher has been a scientist for the last 40 years.   We worked hand in hand to create CBD products that were highly soluble and had the highest absorption rates.  We then isolated processes that resulted into the highest level of positive results.   The research continues and so do enhancements that make RealCBD you best choice for CBD Oil


  We are licensed to legally grow hemp and process that hemp into consumer goods including CBD Oil. We have chosen to cultivate medicinal strains that are naturally below federal guidelines. In the case of industrial hemp it takes a lot of plants to produce a one month supply.  With our strains it takes only one plant to make that same monthly supply.  There are many advantages to higher  concentrations per plant including a much cleaner, more potent product.  


  Prior to creating RealCBd, the owners operated one of the last free clinics in the country.  The focus has always been the person, not the revenue.  We do our best to make sure that everyone is taken care of, regardless of their financial situation. We not only strive to produce the highest quality products but also do so with the intent of operating a compassionate business.   In addition our founder has testified before State Legislators and defended the interest of patients in many venues. 


  Finally, We will not accept anything that is less than perfect.  If at any point in the process, any flaws are detected, the batch is scrubbed, problems are fixed and the process starts again.   We will never operate in an environment where any compromises are made when it comes to quality control.  We test onsite and also use independent labs to confirm our results.