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CBD Patient Assistance

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  Being an American CBD Farmer and working the land is a wonderful experience.  You learn that all things are connected in one way or another.  It isn't just a matter of faith but about doing the right thing.  We can't just sit by while people who can't afford CBD Oil suffer needlessly.  We've thought about this for a long time and feel it is important to move ahead,  and implement this much needed program.

    No one can shoulder such an endeavor by themselves.  Our plan is to change our mode of operation to that of an cooperative.  We will be reinvesting revenue derived from our retail markets and investing it into our new charity model.  People we help will be required to prove that they have chronic illness and limited resources.  They will also be required to donate as much as they can.  The project must be self sustaining. What that means is the money you spend with us will not only benefit you, but also countless others.

    We will all be part of this amazing project and the good that will come from it,  will benefit the sickest folks in our community.  Let the good work begin.