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30 Capsules CBD (Cannabidiol) Extract 1500mg Plus Botanical Cannabinoids Enriched Formula NEW

All of our Capsules are encapsulated in the New Enteric Capsules(Patent Pending)

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30 Capsules CBD (Cannabidiol)  Extract Plus Botanical Cannabinoid Enriched  Formula.  After years of research.  Countless days tracking sources.  Endless testing.  We are pleased to announce this new product.  In the last few years researchers have discovered that cannabinoids are found in plants other than just hemp.  Some of these cannabinoids actually interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors even more forcibly than the compounds found in hemp.  Some of the other compounds facilitated the same processes that hemp facilitated and yet other plants contained the same compounds found in hemp. 

  In addition we have invented a way to insure that you absorb up to 500 percent more cannabinoids. It has been accepted practice in the compounding of pharmaceutical tablets to provide certain types of tablets and capsules  with what has been referred to as an enteric coating. The enteric coating is one which will resist the action of the gastric juices in the stomach and will not dissolve or be otherwise affected so that the drug which is incorporated in the tablet will pass through the stomach and into the intestine. The so called enteric coating is of such a nature that it will be dissolved very readily in the intestinal fluids, so that the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, which has been enclosed in the enteric coating will become effective in the intestinal tract rather than in the stomach..

This invention uses such coatings on capsules and tablets to insure that desirable compounds are delivered to the intestines where conditions are much more favorable for absorption. The cannabinoids and other compounds would be protected by the enteric capsules/tablets until they were in the small intestines thus bypassing the gastric juices and processes of the stomach.  Our research has indicated an absorption increase of 400% to 600%.

This amazing organically grown hemp plant produces the finest oil of any hemp strain.  It also has an amazing terpene profile.  It is an army of compounds designed to make you feel better.  This strain is superior to any other product offered because of its extremely high ratio of other cannabinoids to THC.   We are literally breeding the THC out of the strain.  We just didn't grab someone else's strain and rename it, like some have.  We knew what needed to be done to the plant in order to increase its supplemental effectiveness, but we have not stopped there, we are developing several other strains to customize their supplemental effect. 

    An incredible amount of research is being conducted for the cannabinoids contained in hemp oil supplements.   A discussion of this research occurred in Sanja's Gupta's and CNN's documentary "weeds".  

Sanja Gupta Disputes Government Claims Concerning Hemp


This Apology was followed by two specials.

Sanja Gupta Explains and Documents the Therapeutic Benefits of Hemp as a Supplement.

Sanja Gupta Further Explains and Documents the Therapeutic Benefits of Hemp as a Supplement.

    Hemp is very different than marijuana.   According to the federal definition Hemp Contains less than .3 percent THC.  Our product has been analyzed by the postal service and found to conform to federal standards.  In fact no THC was detected.  We have developed a process that eliminates THC while preserving all the other essential compounds.  While Hemp is a supplement, we feel it is the most important supplement known to man. The best and brightest of mankind has agreed with our conclusion for over 7000 years.

  There are hundreds of articles on CBD on the National Library of Medicine.  Simply enter on Google NLM CBD then whatever condition you ae researching.  Please also be aware there are hundreds of compounds in Hemp that are being researched.  Information on these compounds can also be found on Google. Ex. NLM cannabinoids.



  1. Yes, We're Believers!

Posted by Sean B on 24th Apr 2015

The effect this medicine has on my symptoms of PTSD were evident from the first hour after my first capsule. It melts away my anxiety and makes me forget about my depression. I'm no longer jumpy or "wound up". It increases my ability to concentrate and focus (it'd be worth the cost for this alone). It calms my shaking hand (no big deal but still kinda cool). It also offers some pain and stiffness relief in my shoulders and neck which have been a chronic pain spot for me for years.
My 80-year old mom becomes noticeably less nervous/anxious and more thoughtful and focused as well. We've not experienced a single negative side effect. It's never affected my appetite one way or the other, and I notice I have more restful sleep or at least wake up feeling better in the morning for whatever the reason.
I've taken many pharmaceuticals over the years and even if I add all of the benefit I've ever received from all of them, it still doesn't compare to this.
I bet it's hard for many people to even believe that they can get real relief from something that doesn't have any side effects, or "high", or potential for abuse, or even danger of lethal overdose.
I've referred two other people to these oral CBD products not including family so far. I'll continue to recommend this medicine to any loved one or friend or loved one of a friend if they're facing mental illness or other health challenges.
I hope this company keeps its commitment to quality even if they can't grow too much or grow too fast to maintain it. Everyone here who has a hand in helping to get this oil to people like me, thank you so much!
The oldest medicine is the newest medicine! This provider is really doing it, really providing the best medicine that I believe will eventually come to dominate synthetic drugs in the 21st century. I count it a blessing that we found this. Keep up the good work, we love you guys!



  1. Very impresses

Posted by Nadine on 25th Oct 2014

Very impressed with your product and service. Within a hour of taking the first capsule, I could feel my toes which I haven't felt in a long time Cuz of neuropathy. We love the enriched formula and love the fact you are organic and grow it here. I've been telling everyone we know about it and thanks for talking to our friend NB too. This is the answer for all of us. Thank you so much.

  1. update

Posted by JR in OK on 21st Oct 2014

This updates my previous review. "JR in OK", on 4.Sept.14:

UPDATE: 21.Oct.14.......My PSA has now dropped down to 1.5 after another month. In addition, the pain I experienced in the femur bone, left hip bone, and sternum bone has disappeared. I have no pain, period. Five months ago, almost everyone, including my primary doctor chalked me up as a short timer.! So, was it the "low-T" from lupron, the CBD+, or both together.?
All I know is what worked for me. CBD+bot surely accelerated my recovery in 2 months time.

  1. So much better than any pharmaceutical.

Posted by Char LaFollette on 11th Oct 2014

Love this product. Calms my neuropathy pain and helps me sleep like a baby!

  1. Two Weeks Into It

Posted by Unknown on 7th Oct 2014

I am probably like many others who have tried this or other products similar who wonder if the product delivers any benefit at all after taking it for at least 3 days. I too, was not completely sure until I was into the second week.
I started the first week with only on capsule per day thinking like many others about reining in on the expense, but I wasn't sure I was feeling any benefit until the second week when I started taking two capsules per day. One about an hour before lunch, and the other just before bedtime. This is when I started sleeping 9 hrs per night, and so far, 5 nights in a row! Not only that, but I started feeling like my daily stamina for just getting through the day has improved and my overall sense of confidence and well being seems better.
Don't misunderstand now, I had not too much trouble sleeping before, but I was waking at least twice per night, and tossing side to side due to some hip discomfort. I still was getting 7 1/2 - 8 hrs sleep, but now my quality of sleep is better and NO hip discomfort.
The only problem I'm having if you can call it a problem at this point is not knowing if I'm taking the (correct) product for my hope and desire to maintain my current state of remission with multiple myeloma. Sure, at this point I'm feeling quite good, strong, and even confident for a 62 yr old, but lab testing for me doesn't come around again until December and I'm haunted by not knowing if I am taking an adequate dosage or even the correct product.
Since I do feel as though this product is doing (something) positive, I offer many thanks.
If I'm still in remission come December, I will scream praises from the rooftops for this or any other product I use that may have done the trick. (I've been off traditional meds since mid April of '14 to avoid the side effects).
Many Thanks,
Doodledad :-)

  1. Incredible response

Posted by Oscar on 4th Oct 2014

We ordered the product on September 15, 2014, as a last ditch effrot to ease the Pain, Suffering and Death of one our beloved Irish Wolfhounds (Darby), thinking we could ease his suffering from bi-lateral Osteo-Sarcoma in his front legs. Since promptly receiving and then beginning twice a day treatment, we have been amazed at Darby's response. He went from laying about all day to motoring about at will. Though the Tumor in his left leg has slightly increased in size and he has difficulty bearing weight on it, we would consider his attitude and energy levels to be drastically improved. We were certain we'd have to have put him down 2 weeks ago had he not responded to treatment. Then, in response to his changes we started our oldest, Darby's Dad, 10 Y.O. Conal on it also. Conal, has had issues with his Hips/Back for the last year, making it difficult for him to get up and down and especially to come and go from the house due to the steps. Starting the first of last week, he also responded in a most incredible way. He shows few of the signs and symptoms (sagging rear and spacisity) when walking and he is even running, though slowly with his Kid's. We are overwhelmed by the response of these two and are recommending the products to all our family and friends and can attest to our Vets surprise to their improvement in mobility and quality of life. Obviously we have NO idea how long the good Lord will keep them in our care but we are more than pleased with the responses, quality of product, prompt delivery and most especially the Compassion by which our needs have been adressed. Much Thanks


Posted by Unknown on 9th Sep 2014

I suffer from a connective tissue disease that makes all of my joints dislocate. Needless to say it is a VERY painful disorder. The pain keeps me from being able to sleep. The muscle spasms and cramps are a constant variable thing and I cant predict from day to day what is going to hurt worst. Since trying CBD Extract Capsules Chronic Pain and now this Enriched Formula, I have been sleeping through the night. That hasnt happened in YEARS. I dont feel like I wake up in the middle of the night. The muscle spasm and pain level seem to have improved (I've been on this now about 3 weeks). I want to say that it has. I am the type of person if I feel better or am having a good day, I do more. Since starting this I have to admit I have been doing more!!! Still cant leap tall buildings but feel that this product will help me gain back some abilities I have lost! Thank you to the makers for making my life a little easier; that difference it the world to me! A MUST try for chronic pain!!!!

  1. Excellent product and service

Posted by Noreen Watson on 5th Sep 2014

I appreciate the quick and professional way this site operates. The product is excellent quality and as advertised. I have had the 1500 mg capsules from other sites and this product gives the best results.

  1. New CBD, amazingly effective

Posted by JDR in OK. on 4th Sep 2014

My age is almost 82 I have prostate cancer metastatic to the bone. Had 10 days of radiation to the left hip after a severe quadricep problem. My PSA had "hit the ceiling", they said. The oncologist gave me a one month Lupron and PSA went from 1100 to 821. After taking my second lupron shot, I also took the CBD (Cannabidiol) Extract 1500mg Plus Botanical . After only 6 capsules the PSA dropped from 821 to only 15. After 28 capsules the PSA was 4, ...perfectly normal.! The head of the Cancer Clinic (Lab) said it was "Dramatic"!. My Oncologist will be amazed when I see him in a few days..

  1. Another great product

Posted by Scott on 28th Aug 2014

I ordered these after I ordered the regular 1500mg CBD capsules, and I must say, I am pleased with both. This is a life changing product. I can actually feel it working, from the first time I used it. Hoping you guys can make larger capsule orders with a better price per capsule in the future.




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