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30 Capsules CBD Hemp CBD Extract Capsules 1500mg Extra Strength Formula

All of our Capsules are encapsulated in the New Enteric Capsules(Patent Pending)

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30 Extra Strength Capsules.  

    We have formulated these capsules to bring forth the maximum strength and effect that can be derived from this amazing plant.  We have several patents pending at this time in this regard.

   We have invented a way to insure that you absorb up to 500 percent more cannabinoids. It has been accepted practice in the compounding of pharmaceutical tablets to provide certain types of tablets and capsules  with what has been referred to as an enteric coating. The enteric coating is one which will resist the action of the gastric juices in the stomach and will not dissolve or be otherwise affected so that the drug which is incorporated in the tablet will pass through the stomach and into the intestine. The so called enteric coating is of such a nature that it will be dissolved very readily in the intestinal fluids, so that the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, which has been enclosed in the enteric coating will become effective in the intestinal tract rather than in the stomach..

This invention uses such coatings on capsules and tablets to insure that desirable compounds are delivered to the intestines where conditions are much more favorable for absorption. The cannabinoids and other compounds would be protected by the enteric capsules/tablets until they were in the small intestines thus bypassing the gastric juices and processes of the stomach.  Our research has indicated an absorption increase of 400% to 600%.

An incredible amount of research is being conducted for the cannabinoids contained in hemp oil supplements.   A discussion of this research occurred in Sanja's Gupta's and CNN's documentary "weeds".  

Sanja Gupta Disputes Government Claims Concerning Hemp


This Apology was followed by two specials.

Sanja Gupta Explains and Documents the Therapeutic Benefits of Hemp as a Supplement.

Sanja Gupta Further Explains and Documents the Therapeutic Benefits of Hemp as a Supplement.

    Hemp is very different than marijuana.   According to the federal definition Hemp Contains less than .3 percent THC.  Our product has been analyzed by the postal service and found to conform to federal standards.  In fact no THC was detected.  We have developed a process that eliminates THC while preserving all the other essential compounds.  While Hemp is a supplement, we feel it is the most important supplement known to man. The best and brightest of mankind has agreed with our conclusion for over 7000 years.

  There are hundreds of articles on CBD on the National Library of Medicine.  Simply enter on Google NLM CBD then whatever condition you ae researching.  Please also be aware there are hundreds of compounds in Hemp that are being researched.  Information on these compounds can also be found on Google. Ex. NLM cannabinoids.



  1. Bravo

Posted by cari smith on 27th Jun 2016

Never believed in a product as much as I believe in your cbd oil :)

  1. Works well for me!

Posted by Greg M on 23rd Jun 2016

I've been using the CBD pills for a year now and it really helps me sleep well at night and I've noticed a definite improvement in the severity of my Ulcerative Colitis. I take one at bed time. If i get a flair up, I increase it to two a day. I also have a better overall feeling of well being. Great Product!

  1. Surprised that it works so quickly

Posted by Ella D on 11th Aug 2015

I buy this for my son who has had chronic back pain even after surgery. Within the first day of taking the chronic pain formula he noticed how effective the relief he was getting from them. He can now take a much smaller non addictive does of pain medication in combination with two of these cbd's daily. He may take a third cbd if he has been more active. Currently have used the product for a month. Had a lapse in getting the finances but will be getting more this week. I am grateful that this product can now be purchased as I always try to look for more natural resources to ailments that actually work.

I encourage anyone looking to try for themselves. It is an amazing product!

  1. Totally Relieves Chronic Pain

Posted by Robert Litsheim on 4th Aug 2015

I am so thankful to have found such a quality and potent product (after much research), that actually alleviates my back pain! I have partial compression of my L2-L4 vertebrae, along with inflammation from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Only one of the Chronic Pain formula CBD capsules keeps me out of pain for 24 hours, or longer! Thank you RealCBD!! :-)

  1. Pain free... Thank you

Posted by Unknown on 7th Jul 2015

I have Discoid Lupus. I can't begin to express how wonderful your product is in helping me get thru tough days. I have shared my results of your product with family and friends... it amounts to time. Hopefully, they'll be joining me in my pain free life...

Thank you!

  1. pain relief

Posted by Alice S. on 27th Apr 2015

I have been using this product for 6 months for neuropathy pain and radiation poisining

  1. Wonderful

Posted by mary frankel on 10th Nov 2014

I have told many people about this product. I ran out for two days and wow what a difference

  1. amazing

Posted by cari smith on 19th Oct 2014

This last order was amazing .What ever you did or changed the batch was perfect .I hope it will be the same in in consecutive orders, the pain relief was amazing . (I really would like some anti aging cream ,please bring it back . )


Posted by PETE on 12th Oct 2014

I really like this product, it works well for pain and it helps me sleep at night and because its in capsules I don't have to deal with the nasty tasting liquid. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. 30 Caps 1500mg.

Posted by D... on 9th Oct 2014

I'm hoping there will be a stronger mg. Formula out soon, but as now the 1500mg Cap's seem to working well for my lower back.


  1. CBD Capsules 1500mg..

Posted by Danny on 8th Oct 2014

A good Formual for Pain, it works well for me.....

  1. Started Working Quickly!

Posted by Nancy on 2nd Oct 2014

We didn't expect CBD oil to begin working so fast. It seems to be stirring up things which can be a bit uncomfortable but then there can be some great relief. We've only been taking it for about 5 days and so far we're enjoying the experiment and intend to keep taking it. My sinuses are clearing up, leg cramps and spasms are stopping, intestines are cleaning out. Great quality!

  1. good product

Posted by Rafael on 17th Sep 2014

great quality, i wish it was cheaper.

  1. FINALLY, REAL Pain Relief!

Posted by Laurie on 7th Sep 2014

I had been on Morphine Sulfate (MS Contin), Demerol and Soma for the last five years due to permanent injuries sustained as a victim of a hit and run accident. I hated taking these medications because of the way they made me feel and didn't really take care of the worse pain and spasms. Thankfully, my husband did the research and found this website! I tried this product before deciding to go off these prescriptions, and it was almost miraculous in how it began helping me tremendously within a couple of days. My spasms stopped completely, and the pain relief so wonderful! Although going through the withdrawal of these prescriptions was absolute Hell on Earth, I'm so glad I did it. I feel like my old self again and with far less pain and no spasms--all thanks these CBD capsules (and, of course, my husband for his diligent research and finding this great website!)

  1. Finally something that works

Posted by Unknown on 7th Sep 2014

After searching for a long time I am extremely pleased to find something that works that is organic and not with all of the horribly side effects of pharmaceuticals!

  1. Relief!

Posted by Wendy on 5th Sep 2014

I am so happy to have found the chronic pain formula CBD! My oncologist has given me all of the oxycontin, hydromorphone and hydrocodone I could use, as well as Ambien to sleep and Ativan for anxiety. Guess what-the best of all is this chronic pain formula-and I wake up happy after a good night's sleep instead of being a zombie the entire day after!

  1. great product it works

Posted by Alice on 3rd Sep 2014

I started taking CBD oil 3 weeks ago for inflammation in my breast from breast cancer and radiation treatment in 2012..I take it orally and rub in on my breast. Feeling great, sleeping good, my neuropathy and pain has decreased. I have stopped taking my meds for neuropathy and Ibuprofen.

  1. I stopped taking this for a few days, then...

Posted by Wendy Harrell on 13th Aug 2014

I thought about why I felt so bad! Trying a new batch and what a difference. Cancer pain is reduced, mood is better, sleep better! So grateful!

  1. non-verbal son with autism speaks on this CBD capsule

Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jul 2014

Thank you Pure Hemp CBD for making this product available for those of us in non-medical MJ states. When anti psychotic meds stopped working for my son with autism, I began to research... many parents had had success treating severe autism symptoms with CBD oil. When we started this CBD oil, I hoped it would ease his melt-downs and angry outbursts, which it did. I never imagined he would begin to speak too. My son's teachers, therapists and doctors can not believe the change. It is priceless to hear his sweet voice say "Good night Mommy" or "I love you". How can we thank you enough for giving our son his voice?

  1. makes you feel like yourself again

Posted by cari on 1st Jul 2014

I use this for pain for myself and my dog who has osteosarcoma....at the same time it relieved nerve damage from cipro and anxiety.


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