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Three Bottles of 30 Capsules CBD Hemp CBD Extract Capsules Relaxation Formula 1500mg CBD each

All of our Capsules are encapsulated in the New Enteric Capsules(Patent Pending)

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Three Bottles of 30 Capsules CBD Hemp CBD Extract Capsules Relaxation Formula 1500mg CBD each bottle.

This Supplement assist the body in regulating mood using all natural ingredients.  It is formulated to help promote a positive mood, balanced serotonin levels, control appetite, and may help to reduce stress & anxiety levels. 

We have formulated these capsules to bring forth the maximum strength and effect that can be derived from this amazing plant.  We have several patents pending at this time in this regard.

   We have invented a way to insure that you absorb up to 500 percent more cannabinoids. It has been accepted practice in the compounding of pharmaceutical tablets to provide certain types of tablets and capsules  with what has been referred to as an enteric coating. The enteric coating is one which will resist the action of the gastric juices in the stomach and will not dissolve or be otherwise affected so that the drug which is incorporated in the tablet will pass through the stomach and into the intestine. The so called enteric coating is of such a nature that it will be dissolved very readily in the intestinal fluids, so that the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, which has been enclosed in the enteric coating will become effective in the intestinal tract rather than in the stomach..

This invention uses such coatings on capsules and tablets to insure that desirable compounds are delivered to the intestines where conditions are much more favorable for absorption. The cannabinoids and other compounds would be protected by the enteric capsules/tablets until they were in the small intestines thus bypassing the gastric juices and processes of the stomach.  Our research has indicated an absorption increase of 400% to 600%.


 This is the latest test of our oil prior to decarboxylation and removal of THC. http://analytical360.com/m/concentrates/372617 .  Our oil is full spectrum minus the THC, which is removed prior to the final manufacturing process.  This strain was developed by us via our cross breeding project.  It is a natural marvel.  We are proud of this plant.  It will allow people who don't have access to RSO or want Oil that will not make them high to enjoy the benefits that scientist, researchers and people are offering testimony of the benefits that they have received of their own free will.  We have consistently tested our products since entering the marketplace and have never achieved anything short of amazing results.  Here is a link to a test of our capsules performed in recent months. http://analytical360.com/m/expired/306490

  It is my personal belief, and  many scientist and researchers share that belief, that this plant helps people overcome many of the problems associated with the human body.  We will continue to process this plant and convert it into usable form, as long as we are able.  We promise you that it will be the best product available on the market.


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