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One Ounce Bottle Cherry Flavored CBD Oil Tincture 1500mg Strongest Formula Available

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One Once Bottles of Cherry Flavored Tincture 1500mg each 

  Our Cherry Flavored CBD tincture is made from a 30:1 strain medicinal strain . We were extremely fortunate to obtain a mother plant that is extremely potent and naturally compliant with federal law.   This strain has the perfect profile to produce a synergy effect that is elusive to say the least.  We use only food quality compounds to produce our tincture.

   We do not import our CBD oil.  We do not purchase hemp from any source.  We grow each and every plant. We do not use growth regulators or pesticides.   It takes about 12 to 13 weeks for a plant to reach perfection.  Testing occurs throughout the growth cycle.  When plants are harvested the  are cured meticulously to insure that potency and the terpene profiles are preserved

    This tincture is a choice for people wanting more control of their dosages than you can get from taking a capsule.  Another big plus is the CBD, Terpenes, flavonoids and other cannabinoids are absorbed starting in the mouth as opposed to facing the perils of the digestive system. 

   This tincture is an exception value and is used by thousands of our customers.



Posted by Nancy on 20th Jul 2015

I was surprised at how fast my almost nightly leg cramps completely stopped occurring after taking the tincture just twice. I also feel sleepy and relaxed for a few hours shortly after taking it and sleep really well now.

We are taking 8 drops twice a day in a small amount of juice and this is now about the 6th day. The cherry flavor taste is quite nice, My husband and I both like this tincture better than the capsules we tried previously.

Since there are such noticeable beneficial effects, I'm sure it's also working internally on things we can't feel. We're hoping it will help with my husband's kidney disease so he won't have to go on dialysis. He gets blood tests about once a month so we'll know if his numbers improve. We're definitely going to continue this exciting experiment of taking the Cherry Flavored CBD Oil Tincture and appreciate the excellent quality!

  1. Wow.

Posted by Justin on 9th Jun 2015

I am a Crohn's Disease sufferer and have been pursuing pain relief for years. CBD is by far the most effective. This tincture is second to none! Concentration, value, quality, cleanliness, you name it, this is the best I have tried and I have tried EVERYTHING you can think of. Not to mention that the cost is the most reasonable out there, hands down. It is nice to see people who truly care making a product and pricing in the reality spectrum instead of shooting for the moon with profit. You have a new loyal customer.


Posted by Shari Watosn on 5th May 2015

I am ultra sensitive, having leaky gut syndrome, so i have to be ultra cautious the amounts of anything. i tried the capsules and while I liked them, found them to be too strong, even after cutting them in half. When the drops arrived I tried ONE drop and it was too much. So i diluted it with coconut oil 3:1 and am able to use it through the day...keeping a more even dispense. I like that it reduces the constant buzzing and burning in my legs, reduces the constant battle of depression and anxiety. Time will tell as to the other healing and noticeable components.

  1. Actually works!

Posted by DR on 3rd Apr 2015

I took a chance on this cbd oil because it is the best price i could find and they actually use a potent cbd-rich strain of cannabis hemp called Sour Tsunami with no thc. The first time i took it, i ingested the suggested 8 drops at work and i started to feel the effects 10-20 minutes later. It made me very relaxed and i had zero anxiety, my mind felt a little more clear too. I am using it for its anti-psychotic, anti-anxiety, and general health properties and it is actually working for me. This is THE cbd oil to get! If your one like me who doesn't care to get high. You will also sleep the best you ever have in your life. I would suggest not taking a full dosage at work, you may not want to do much and get lazy and consequently get yelled at and/or fired :) This is made with vegetable glycerin and not alcohol which is a plus for me. Overall this stuff just works and i will recommend it to all of my family. I think everyone can benefit from cbd. This is the holy grail of optimum health.

  1. Excellent product

Posted by Matt on 24th Mar 2015

This is the second brand of CBD Hemp oil that I have used I like the last of this much better. I have a friend who is taking this while fighting prostate cancer. He started taking the Hemp oil the same day as he started his Chemo. His PSA levels dropped from 12 to 8 in just 2 weeks. I like to think that the hemp oil has played a big roll in this.

  1. a cure all!!!

Posted by Barbara on 18th Oct 2014

I bought this product first for my brother in law who has cancer. He was given 3 months too live. He started taking this product and now almost 5 months later the doctors have told him that he only has two small spots on his liver. I have also bought this product for my son in law and for my husband. My son in law was experiencing muscle and joint pain and after taking this product for two weeks has shown a decrease in pain. My husband has been taking this for two weeks and he has less aches and pains and his appetite has increased. Great product !

  1. You guys got the best price and the best CBD.

Posted by Unknown on 13th Oct 2014

I can really feel the difference compared to the other guys. Plus your shipping is quick and professional. Thanks

  1. Simply the BEST!

Posted by Don on 12th Oct 2014

I have been trying different CBD products lately, some alot more expensive than others and some that work but some that really don't. Wwhen I found this great product which not only tastes better but works better too and then the lower price! I knew I was done looking. Thanks for making such a great product and keep up the good work, guys.

  1. Kyle

Posted by Kyle on 8th Oct 2014

Having spent 7 years on narcotics for pain do to a myopathy it is nice to find a product that relives pain muscle spasms and has no side effect. After trying other more expensive products I found a great product that tastes better and works better. Thanks

  1. It works incredibly well.

Posted by Giovanni Conti on 11th Sep 2014

CBD is the only thing that appears to control my epilepsy 100%. I am taking three other anti seizure medications and they have helped reduce the frequency of my seizures but I was still having a number of seizures that were triggered by heat of by my allergies. I started taking CBD on July 25th and I have only had two seizures in that period of time but that was because I ran out of CBD and it took the post office 6 days to deliver 2nd day priority mail.


Posted by Unknown on 19th Aug 2014

Was purchasing dixiebotanicals dew drops (2oz Tincture) on Amazon. It did help with my acute lower back pain but poor customer service from Dixie caused me to look for another provider. It was shocking to hear what they have been doing according to Tamara Wise. Gave you guys a try and was blown away. Here are some reasons why you guys are better-

1. This formula is much stronger. I can actually FEEL it working! My body relaxes, a light level of sleepy hits me and my back pain fades away. I felt nothing with Dixie. Dixie did help reduce the pain at the cost of a headache. Yes, it gave me a headache. Yours does not.

2. Your product taste better. I can actually taste the hemp oil which is great! Dixie does not taste bad, but yours taste like natural hemp flowers (with cherry) which I love! If you sold a natural flavor Tincture it would be my favorite.

3. I like the clear bottle. It's easier to see how much is left.

4. Your product provides a better bang for the buck.
Dixie - 500mg in 2 oz bottle for $160
You guys - 1500mg in 1oz bottle for $99!

Thanks for making such a great product!

  1. Great product

Posted by Unknown on 15th Aug 2014

I was skeptical at first, being relatively new to using CBD oil. I've tried a couple other tinctures. This one is by far the strongest. Using both the tincture and the capsules, after taking a dose of each, I finished my evening pain free, and slept like a baby that night. Keep up the good work, guys.

  1. Cherry CBD Oil

Posted by Bill0246 on 8th Jul 2014

I have been using CBDs from various sources for going on 2 years. This has a very good taste, it works well as a pain reliever and is also very relaxing to use before bedtime. I like it very much although it is a bit expensive and the liquid itself is a bit thick, meaning it sticks to the sides of the dropper and will run down it as you try to deposit the actual drops on your tongue. Overall, I like it tho.

  1. Quality is tops with this product and company...

Posted by Unknown on 7th Jul 2014

I have tried several other vendors but NONE come close to the purity and quality of this product. From the time I viewed their site; I could see their main goal was to help those in need of the healing properties of this plant. Then after just 2 days of proper use and direction of using this oil I could feel the difference; it has the properties that one seeks in the healing properties of this plant. Thank you for taking pride in your product.

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